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December 8, 2019

Car shipping EstimateCar and other vehicle owners often have to relocate to a city, town or place hundreds or thousands of miles away for professional or personal reasons. They will usually hire a car shipping firm to transport their car to the desired destination safely and quickly, since driving a car over long distances is extremely tedious and in some cases unsafe. The car owner would like to get a Car Shipping Estimate indicating the cost of shipping and time taken to transport the vehicle, from multiple transport companies, so that he can compare the offers and make a decision.

The cost of car shipping varies depending on a large number of factors which affect the market conditions for almost all the service providers. The size and weight of the vehicle is a major factor which determines the cost of shipping with larger vehicles costing more. If the vehicle is not in working condition, the shipping charges will be higher since the transporter will require equipment for lifting the vehicle. Another important factor is the distance over which the car is being shipped, usually, the shipping company will charge more for longer distances, though the per-mile cost of shipping will be less.

However, the shipping cost also depends on the destination city, for larger cities, more vehicles are being transported, so it may be cheaper while transporting to a small town or village may be more expensive. While shipping, the car owner can specify whether he wishes to use open or enclosed transportation, since open transportation is cheaper, though expensive car owners may prefer to keep their vehicle enclosed. The shipping company will usually specify the approximate time for delivery of the car at the destination. However, there may be some delay in delivery due to weather conditions especially during winter, traffic jams, and other reasons.