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5 Key Questions You Should Ask Before Getting a Car Transport Online Quote

August 15, 2020

So, you have to get a car transport online quote to ship your car or cars? Before you proceed with this, some questions need answering. Fortunately for you, we’ve taken the stress of compiling some crucial questions you should ask before opting for transport quotes online.

Is the auto shipping company registered?

While you may in a hurry to click “Get instant car shipping quotes online,” you should ensure that your preferred auto shipping company is registered. If you’re looking to hire an interstate auto transport company, then you should ensure that they are registered with the Department of Transport. Any reputable interstate auto shipping company needs to provide you with their DOT number. Auto-shipping companies should also retain a Motor Carrier number that can be checked on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website.

What services do they offer?

It’s quite easy to request transport quotes online, but ensuring that you’re getting your desired service is quite paramount. Take time to go through the services of an auto shipping company before getting their auto shipping quotes online. This invariably lets you in on what you’re paying for.

What insurance do they operate?

Your standard car insurance may not cover interstate or international transporting, so you’ll want to make sure that your auto shipping company has adequate insurance coverage before accepting their car transport online quote. Get intentional by asking to see their insurance documents as you retain the rights to know the shipping coverage extent of your vehicle. If it doesn’t seem sufficient, negotiate an increase even if it might cost a little more. The assurance you’ll have will be worth it.

What documents do you need?

The right documentation is needed to ship cars interstate and outside the country. Not having the complete or correct documents can be detrimental as you may be opening a loophole that car criminals can exploit. Ask your auto transport company to acquaint with the necessary documents needed for easy and smooth shipping as they need to ensure that you’re the legal owner of your car. Most car owners ignore this phase when looking to get a car transport online quote.

How do you get your car ready for shipping?

Auto transport companies aren’t allowed to move cars that contain household items, as this goes against their conduct. The DOT also requires that all cars’ keys be given to the movers during transit. Plus, it’s suggested that you shouldn’t have more than a quarter level of fuel, so the company can avoid any surcharges for excess weight. Having more than a quarter level of fuel in your car can also add extra charges to your online car shipping quote.

Getting the right auto shipping company

It’s imperative that you get your auto shipping quotes online from reputable auto shipping companies. In this case, TB Auto Shipping is your best bet as they offer full-service car shipping. Their services are geared towards dousing any doubts you may have as they are a fully registered auto shipping company with years of excellence.

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