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All You Need To Know About Car Transport Prices

August 30, 2020

Driving from one coast to another coast is not for the fainted minds, it could be overwhelming. Car shipping companies have been lifesaving since time immemorial. Hence, you want to know what Car transport prices are? Simply, it is the cost of shipping your car.

There are a plethora of reasons while you should seek the service of a car delivery agency. It takes away the stress and the daunting task you have to go through driving from coast to coast.

How Does Car Transport Work?

It involves asking a car shipping company to pick your car from a particular location and deliver it to another. It could be your home or where it was brought to your desired destination via a delivery truck. Note that you will have to pay the car carrier price to the delivery company.

How Much Does Shipping a Car Cost?

The cost of shipping a car per mile ranges from $0.40 – $1 per mile. So, be expecting to see price ranges like these: $500 per 500 miles, $0.75 for 1000 miles, and $0.50 for 2000 miles, etc. for there are several factors that determine your car hauling prices. Without further ado, here are some factors that have to do with your car delivery service price.

  1. How You Want Your Car Delivery: Car transport prices is also a function of how you want it delivered. If you want your car delivered to your home or specified address, then choose door-to-door car transport. But if otherwise, then terminal-to-terminal car transport is your choice. Terminal delivery is less expensive, while door-to-door is more convenient.
  2. Open or Close Truck: there are two ways car delivery service works: either you get your car delivered to you through an open or close truck. Whichever you choose will influence the car delivery price.
  3. The open Truck—this method of shipping car is the most sought after not only because it is cheap but because it has flexible delivery time. Open trailer delivery is usually between 5-10 cars in numbers. Though, your vehicle might be exposed to some damages that could result from natural happenings.
  4. Closed Truck—this method is more expensive than the open truck system. This is because it involves limited numbers of cars to be shipped. Hence it cost over 40% more than an open truck system. But, with this system, your car is highly secured and protected because the shipping truck is enclosed. Think of it this way, for shipping an ordinary vehicle, go for open trucks, but a Ferrari or latest Mercedes, then go for a closed truck.
  1. Your Car Conditions—is your car operable or inoperable? For an inoperable car, it attracts extra incentives because it requires extra effort, time, and techniques to ship than an operable vehicle.
  2. Delivery Schedule: This is another factor that determines your car delivery price. What time of the year do you want your car delivered? What is the distance and delivery time? The distance to be covered from pick up to drop off contributes to car hauling prices. Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other holidays could cause a hike in car transport prices.

How Long Does it Take To Transport a Car?

It is best to find out from the shipping company how long it will take them to ship your car. Factors like distance, weather, road network, and others could be an impediment. But, if you need it urgently, you should use an expedited shipping service. But, between three to ten days, your car should be delivered to your destination.

What is the typical cost to ship a car?

Within the US, the average car services price is $950. While the least average car hauling price is $700, the most are $1200. The average mile price for shipping a vehicle is $0.60 per mile for trips starting for 1000 miles and above. If you need a top-notch auto shipping company, you can get in with us to get a free instant quote on your car shipping.