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Purchasing Classic Cars and Having Them Transported

June 17, 2020

Many prefer classic cars for different reasons. Some of them see these cars as investments, hoping to profit from them in the future. As for the others, they just like the classic look of these vehicles.

The internet has made great progress throughout the ages. If you are interested in purchasing a vintage car and you want it conveniently transported to you, classic car haulers can help you do the job. This article will discuss classic automobiles further and the process of having them transported.

Classic Cars As Investments

Costs are not limited to the money you use to buy these cars. As a classic car owner, expect to spend additional cash on insurance, storage, and maintenance. Depending on the car model, the costs per year can reach hundreds or thousands. If you are planning to buy classic cars for investment purposes, you should do careful research on which specific car to buy.

Purchasing Classic Automobiles

If you don’t like the hassle of getting the car you’ll buy yourself, you have the option to resort to classic auto transport services. Doing so saves you all the trouble and stress you’ll go through if you decide to get it yourself. If you are wondering where you can get the classic car you desire, here are some places to buy them from.

Buying Classic Cars From Auctions

This option is good for those who want their classic car purchasing experience to be exciting. If you are lucky enough, you might even get a nice deal and save money.

Some of the best high-end cars are only sold at auctions, you can’t get them from dealers or private parties. So you can buy them online. That’s a process that only requires a mobile device and an internet connection.

Buying Classic Cars From Dealers

Most dealers have consignment shops, where car sellers park their cars for sale. These dealers get a percentage of the sales after successfully securing a client. The Most of those dealers have connection with classic car transportation companies. So you can ask if they can refer you. You probably can get an even better price.

  • It’s important to choose the right dealer. You have to make sure:
  • 1. Dealers do inspections of the cars before they put for sale.
  • 2. Always ask if dealers have additional insurance after-sales. For example. If you bought the car and don’t like it. Or will find some issues which they didn’t mention in the sale.
  • Ask the dealer if they can help you to find a classic car auto transport company. They might even have their own carriers.

Buying Classic Cars From Private Parties

Sometimes it’s hard to find dealers online. So you can buy classic cars from private parties. In this option, you directly deal with the car seller.

Most sellers you’ll reach through this method be long-time owners, and know the great history of the car you’ll buy. Since transactions done with private parties don’t include additional fees like the other options, you can expect to get lower prices buying classic cars this way.

Classic Car Transport Services

There are some instances where you need to have your classic car transported to higher ground, and you might damage it if you decide to do things yourself. It would be wiser to go for classic car delivery services instead. Professional car transporters know the best methods in moving cars from one place to another without doing any damage to them.

Haulers: Open or Closed?

You are given the option to choose from either open or closed haulers in having your automobile transported. Open-hauler deliveries are less expensive, but it comes with the risk of damaging your car. On the other hand, closed-hauler transportations provide more security at a higher price.


Nowadays, there are many classic auto transport companies online. To help you choose a reliable company, you can try asking around for recommendations. Good sources you may ask include museums, auction companies, collectors, and restorers. They have prior experience in cars, even classic ones, and car transportation companies as well.