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Auto Shipping Done Right

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Door-to-Door auto shipping is a type of shipping where one truck carries a vehicle from pick-up to as close as possible to its destination. Some companies choose to ship terminal-to-terminal instead. That process, however, is antiquated and inefficient. We do not provide terminal-to-terminal shipping.

Shipped exposed to the elements, open air shipments are the most common type of shipments in the automotive transport industry. Cars are arranged in two or three tiers and driven onto an oversized trailer. They are then backed off the trailer in order of delivery. This is the most affordable service-type at TB Auto Shipping.

Expedited auto shipping is more of an add-on than a distinct service type. Expedited shipments are ones where clients request quicker-than-standard pick-up or delivery. They cost much more than your typical transport job.

Enclosed auto shipping refers to shipments made in a box trailer. Cars shipped this way are protected from the elements by four walls and a roof.

We can, but such a service will cost more than your typical move. Inoperable vehicles require tow trucks and other specialized equipment. Let us know if the vehicle is not in driving condition when requesting a quote!

TB Auto Shipping is a fully-bonded and licensed transportation management company. Experts in our industry, we are in close contact with a huge network of carriers.

Yes, your car is insured while in our possession. The carrier’s insurance covers up to $100,000 dollars in damages. Please note, however, that this insurance does not cover any of the vehicle’s contents.

We need your keys to release the brakes and put your car in neutral. We cannot move it without them

It depends on where and why you are sending the vehicle. If you are selling the vehicle, we will need the title on hand. Otherwise, you can keep it with you.

You have two options to pay: online prior to pick-up and in-cash at time of delivery. If you choose to pay online, we accept PayPal and all major credit cards. If you’d prefer to pay at time of delivery, we require a security deposit prior to pick up.

The length of delivery varies depending on the vehicle type and destination. Most shipments can be completed in 2-14days.

Please remove any valuables from the car and take photographs of its current condition.