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How to Buy a Car Online and Have It Delivered

June 9, 2020

You might wonder, “Can I buy a car online and have it delivered?” – Yes, you can. Doing so will save you hours of your time waiting at a dealership. The internet has changed the process of buying cars throughout the century, one has significantly grown in legitimacy which is home delivery. Knowing how to buy a car online and have it delivered is one of the best-kept secrets of car buying. This article will explain more on how to arrange an at-home car delivery.

Why Buy a Car Online and Have It Delivered?

You should consider having your car delivered because it is less stressful. You can even have enclosed car shipping services if you are buying a new car or super expensive. Just the thought of getting ready and going through traffic just to get to your destination sounds a hassle already. Having your car delivered to your home is much more convenient and you can even negotiate through the phone. The cheapest option is going to be open car transport.

A good tip to maximize effectiveness is to make the home delivery request before agreeing to buy the car. When negotiating with the dealer through email or phone, you may say, “That price sounds reasonable, but I can’t pick it up until the weekend. If you are willing to deliver the car, I’ll buy it right now.”.

This is a good tactic because most car dealers will find it hard to say no to this request. If the dealership is not that far, the salesperson might close the deal. In some cases, a nominal delivery fee of $75 is charged, if the car has to travel a long distance.

If the salesperson said yes to your request, you can expect the delivery process to commence. The salesperson, accompanied by an assistant in another car, will drive the new vehicle to you, along with the sales documents for finalization.

How the Process Works

Once your soon-to-be car arrives, verify that it is the right year, model and make you previously chose, and not forgetting to make sure that it has the right equipment. Furthermore, ensure that it is in a brand-new condition since there are instances of cars suffering damages during shipping. You can also check the odometer, fewer than 100 miles is a good sign.

You may also use the door to door auto shipping services option even if you are trading in your old car or financing the car purchase. If the dealership has the option, you can do your financing credit application online.

When trading in a car, expect the salesperson to take information about your vehicle, its current condition level, and mileage. Upon the arrival of your new car, your used car will then be inspected before the conclusion of the deal. To maximize the value of your used vehicle, you can choose to separate the trade-in process.

Not All Dealerships Do It

While many dealers agree to an at-home delivery, some are not willing to do so. Those who are not willing believe that agreeing to this will cost them money in the long run. The process of home delivery might encounter conflicts with dealership policies as well.


Choosing the home-delivery option saves a lot of time on the customer’s end. The internet has evolved so much that people only wished getting your car delivered was possible before. However, not all car dealerships provide an at-home car delivery option, but many of them do. The next time you decide to buy a car, it would be wise and very convenient to ask whether they do home delivery first.