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How To Check Auto Transportation Reviews ?

June 24, 2020

Auto transport reviews are a great way to know reliable and efficient auto transport companies. While reviews remain an excellent way to spot a trustworthy auto transport company, you need to know how to detect real reviews from fake ones and where to check car shipping companies. In this article, we’ll be arming you with some effective tips on finding and choosing the best car shipping company.

Look out for return customers

When skimming through reviews, look out for return customers as they are a great way to determine the authenticity of an auto transport company. Return customers also provide extra information such as links to the auto company website, service information, and other supplemental information that validates their reviews. Most fake reviews are usually lacking these features.

A ridiculously high number of reviews

It isn’t unlikely that many customers would be satisfied with an auto transport service. However, customers are naturally reluctant to leave reviews. This doesn’t dispel the fact that a considerable number of customers might choose to leave honest reviews. Still, a situation where you have an outrageous amount of reviews calls for suspicion. You should also be wary of the dates. If lots of reviews were posted at the same time, then the seller might have incentivized social media groups to draw up a lot of reviews.

Check for less positive reviews

Regardless of the efficiency of an auto transport company, there will always be unsatisfied customers who will leave bad or less positive reviews; this is simply normal. If you spot a negative review then a flurry of positive reviews, it’s very likely the auto transportation company is trying to bury their bad reviews and bring their average rating back up.

Look out for admitted bias

Sometimes, auto transport companies go far in promoting their services with fake reviews that they overlook some intrinsic details. If you pay close attention, you’re likely to find some auto transport reviews that don’t relate to the service at all. This is an easy way to detect fake transport company reviews. 

Check for verified payments

Verified payments are a surefire way to validate car shipping company reviews as they are confirmed by the marketplace. Non-verified reviews are the ones that are less valid as they can’t be validated by the marketplace.

Use an online tool

If you’re not still convinced about the validity of some auto transport company reviews, two online tools can help out. For instance, a tool like Fakespot allows you to copy and paste the auto transport company’s URL on their site and analyze the reviews on it. These online tools analyze auto shipping companies for signs of fakery. There are other, more straightforward ways to spot fake car shipping companies. Do you wish to find out? Keep up!

Where to check auto transport reviews

To make things easier, there are some reputable sites you can check for reviews. These sites allow you to know viable auto transport companies reviews from shady ones – 

At least, using these sites keeps you out of the radar of falling victim to some of these fake reviews. 

Final Thoughts

You can harness the above tips to spot fake reviews from real ones. Reviews say a lot about the trustworthiness and integrity of a company, so we advise that you do your due diligence using the tips we discussed. You don’t want to hire a fake auto transport company as your vehicles could get stolen in the process.