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Open Auto Transport Services

The Most Affordable Way to Ship a Car

April 9, 2020

Open Auto Transport

Open Auto transport is when your car or vehicle is shipped on an open trailer outdoors. It is the most preferred way to ship a car by most people. Since it is very fast and cheap compared to other methods. Enclosed car transportation is more costly and it’s only recommended when shipping classic cars or luxury vehicles. Cars transportations services as used by thousands of people in the US each year. Because they are less time-consuming ways to take your car from one city to another.

Usually, a car carrier trailer with two racks in it is used for this purpose. In these racks, up to 10 cars can be placed. Even though the truck has no roof, it nevertheless has safeguards as well. As other safety equipment to make sure your vehicle will stay in its place during the whole ride.

Its Safe To Use Open Car Shipping!

Open car transport is safer than you may think. In fact, this is the type of shipping used by large car manufacturers such as Chevrolet and Mazda. It is true that the car will be exposed to the elements of weather, however, the trips are usually short enough so as to not represent any damage to them. Also, they have bars and beams that will prevent anything from hitting cars. Another advantage of using open car transport is that your car will keep the same mileage and its tires won’t wear out. Also, accidents are reduced to a bare minimum. It is important to note that drivers of these types of trucks are very trained and are only allowed to have this job if Nationwide Auto Transportation considers they have many years in the position.

There is a small risk of the car being damaged. However, we have insurance that covers precisely just that. It is important to take pictures of your car before and after the process has been made to make sure any claims, should they arise, can be done effectively. 

We comply with all the regulatory and insurance requirements asked for by the FMCSA and the Department of Transport to engage in this type of activity.

How Much Will You Pay for Open Car Transport?

The rate you will be paying for car transportation services depends on a number of factors including car type and size, distance traveled, shipping type, whether it is standard, same day, etc, the current price of fuel, and other fees.

Transports shipping for cars was never made cheaper than how it is with open car transport. Again, there is no other car transportation service that beats this one in terms of price.

Car transport services should always be sought as a good alternative to do it on your own. As a reputable auto transport service company in the market, we can help you with all of your car shipping needs.