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Open Car Transport Services

Your full-service Nationwide Open Car Transport

Open Car Transport

Keep It Affordable:

Open car transport costs about 30 percent less than enclosed. While it leaves your car more exposed to the environment, it also makes it much easier to load and transport your shipment. If you’re worried about your Benjamins, you can’t go wrong with TB’s open-top transport! (If you’re concerned about budget, you can’t go wrong with TB Auto Shipping open-top transport!)

Keep It Visible:

Open auto shipping, while cheaper than enclosed auto shipping, makes it easier to check the cargo. The driver can see what’s going on with your car every step of the way. Open transport also lets you keep an eye on your car as it pulls out of your driveway.


We deliver on-time, on-budget, and responsibly. TB Auto Shipping knows how valuable your car is and we do everything we can to keep it safe. With years of auto shipping experience, we know how to protect your car from the hazards of the road and how to find the ideal carrier for the task at hand. To help keep our deliveries consistent, TB Auto Shipping only hires the best.

Access Our Whole Network:

Our carrier network is huge. And, nearly all our carriers offer open auto shipping. When you choose this service type, you choose variety. If you want options, this is the way to go!

Things to Keep In Mind For Open Car Transport

  • Top-loaded shipping is provided on request
  • Cars with low clearance might be eligible for single-level transport.
  • You need to give your driver the keys!
  • Take pictures of your car before releasing it to the driver. This helps us verify any damage claims.
  • Always get the driver’s number!