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Referral program

Dо you know someone to move a car?

Keep reading to find out how to receive a $50-dollar Amazon gift card!

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Thank you for choosing TB for your auto transport needs. We are excited that you’re willing to recommend us to your friends and family. As always, we appreciate your trust and continued patronage. As a thank you for your referral, we would like to send you a gift card. To receive it, just fill out information about your friend or family member to the right. We’ll get in touch with them ASAP. Once we’ve made contact, we’ll send you a confirmation!

Hope your referral select TB car shipping

If your referral chooses TB Car Shipping for their auto transport,, we’ll give them a special referral discount on their moving day.

Check your inbox

Once we’ve delivered your referral’s vehicle, we’ll give you a call. After confirming your email address, we’ll send your $50 dollar Amazon gift card!


Send an email to We’ll reply within 48 hours!

Things of note

  • Only new customers are eligible for our referral program
  • You can receive no more than one gift card per referral. You can, however, make multiple referrals
  • You cannot claim a commission on a priorly completed move
  • If the customer contacts us themselves, prior to your online submission, you are ineligible for referral rewards
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