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Enclosed Car Shipping

Keep It Safe and Secure:

Enclosed car shipping does more than provide four walls and a roof. It also keeps the weather, debris, and dirt off your vehicle. With a locked trailer, and limited opportunities for tampering, this is TB’s most secure shipping option. What you give up in money, you gain in peace of mind.

Trust Your Hauler:

Our premium, enclosed carriers must jump some hefty hurdles to join our network. If you choose a boxed carrier, you can rest assured that your vehicle is in expert hands. TB shipping trusts our transporters and knows that you can too!

Keep It Mint:

If your car is worth a hundred thousand dollars, or freshly-painted, this is the ideal choice. The roof and walls will keep debris and weather from wrecking your vehicle. When your vehicle’s condition is your primary concern, trust TB and enclosed car shipping to get it there!

Hydraulic Lift Gates:

If your car has low ground clearance, you need to use an hydraulic lift gate to avoid damage during loading and unloading. This equipment is only compatible with enclosed trailers and available on request. Please let our pricing specialists know if you’ll need this feature.

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When Should you choose Enclosed Car Shipping

  • If you just painted the Vehicle
  • If you just bought the car from dealership
  • If you would like to keep the car in its car cover
  • If you want to protect your car from winter’s fury
  • If you have a high volume vehicle
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