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5 Factors Likely to Affect Your Truck Transport Quotes

August 10, 2020

Your truck is quite essential to you as it has served you on numerous occasions. Whether it has serves as a work buddy or a leisure buddy, the fact remains that you love it very much. However, moving your car transport truck can pose a serious issue. And this issue is even compounded by finding a truck transport quote.

This serious issue is, in fact, the main reason for this article. We will be looking at 8 likely factors to be considered before getting a truck transport quote. Without wasting any more time, let’s dive in.

A truck is quite different from a car

Before you go ahead to get truck shipping quotes from car truck transport services, it’s imperative to know that car trucks are quite different from the usual cars. In this regard, they tend to be more expensive as compared to typical vehicles. This expensiveness is due to its bigger and bulkier nature. Plus, every type of car transport truck can be shipped; however, you should be wary of the auto transport company as regards the shipping dates and the experience they have. This is because not all auto transport companies are equipped to ship car transport trucks. Besides, you should be more flexible when shipping a truck as compared to car shipping.

The cost of the truck shipping

When truck owners assess truck transport quotes, the first thing they consider is the cost of the shipping. The best way to determine the cost of shipping a car truck is to use an online shipping quote calculator. This gives you the average shipping cost. Note that online shipping quote calculators factor in every aspect of shipping a truck. These aspects range from the make, model, and weight to any alterations that have been affected.

Destination matters

The destination of your truck is also a significant factor as some roads are not commutable. Plus, some auto transport companies restrict their services to specific locations. You mustn’t take off their commute policies before getting a truck transport quote. If your destination is quite commutable, then you may be getting a low truck transport quote. If it isn’t, you may incur extra expenses on your shipping quote.

Open or closed shipping

These factors center on your vehicle transport truck. Typically, most truck shipping takes place on open carriers, as it’s a safe shipping method. Plus, most trucks are built to withstand the elements of open-carrier shipping. Open transport allows for a less expensive truck transport quote. However, if your vehicle transport truck is brand new, then you may feel satisfied with an enclosed carrier. But bear in mind that enclosed carriers are more expensive, plus you may have fewer auto transport companies that offer enclosed shipping.

Hiring a good auto shipping company

Hiring a good auto shipping company assures you that your vehicle transport truck is in safe hands. In this regard, we recommend that you hire TB Auto Shipping for your truck shipping as they offer second-to-none full-service auto shipping services. Plus, you will get a less expensive truck transport quote. Regardless of your truck type, rest assured that you’re in safe and reliable hands.